Sunwalk Headquarter

The project is located in the Creative Media Technology Park (CMTP) in Changsha. The site is adjacent to the Liuyang River and the central axis of the park. The building height limit of the site is 120m, which is lower than the surrounding parcels in the CMTP. Therefore, the design seeks to create a unique city landmark by linking three towers. The three towers are arranged in an encircling manner along the river and connected in the air, ensuring the maximum view toward the river.

The project is composed of one office building and two apartment buildings. A platform layer is introduced in the higher levels to provide amenities such as a gym with a swimming pool, a book bar, a small cinema, etc. These amenities are shared between the office and the apartment, creating a linkage between working and dwelling.

The podium of the project consists of three stories of garden office, which will accommodate working spaces, meeting rooms, reception areas, a product gallery for the five branch companies owned by Sunwalk Construction Group. The porosity of the garden office plan allows plenty of natural light into the interior spaces and ensures the openness of the project to the city.

  • Awards and reports(1)

    2020-2021/A' Design Award (Italy)
  • Project information


    Floor Area:113,798.8㎡
    Land Area:24,737.43㎡
    Client:Hunan sunwalk construction group
    Status: Under Construction

    *Note:The project is designed by the main
    members of PERFORM in Tianhua.


    Principal in Charge:
    ZHANG Jun,LI Qian,SHEN Chong

    Design Team:
    WU Ziqiang,ZHAO Xuejiao,WANG Dongao,BI Shiwei

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